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Me, Molagirl :o)

I'm Sue, *Molagirl*, and I am a self-confessed mola addict. (There! How's that for an introduction? :o)

A mola :o)

I love molas. I love buying molas. I love selling molas. But... I am a collector of molas first and foremost.

I was first introduced to molas through the Canal Zone people of Houston (the "Houston Zonians") and it was love at first sight. Then, through the Zonian's great stories about life in the Canal Zone, my love affair deepened and grew to include the Kunas and their culture. And, the more I learned about the Kunas, the more I loved molas.

I used to buy molas from lots of different sellers until one in particular changed all of that and started me on my journey to becoming *Molagirl*. He sold me molas that were of a quality that I hadn't come across before. Now these molas I wanted to collect. And these molas I wanted to display. And this jump in my relationship with molas was "the" turning point.

More Kuna art

I seriously began to collect. My collection seriously grew. (You can see some of my favorites here :o) And as it grew my want to go to the source of these pieces of art grew, as did my want to share these with the world. And so began *Molagirl*. I began to buy collection-worthy molas for myself and for sale on eBay directly from the mola-makers.

More Kuna art.

Through my buying trips to the San Blas islands, my fascination for the history of the Kuna people was added to by a great appreciation for their hard work and an incredible admiration for both their skill and talent. And it amazed me, amazes me still, how all of this was and is reflected in their daily lives. There really is an art to and of being Kuna.

So... my love of molas now is part of my larger love of the Kuna people, their culture, their artifacts and, always, their art. Our house has almost become a museum with my over-200 framed molas covering the walls and the 300-plus artifacts displayed throughout. (I even discovered a wonderful furniture maker, David Marsh, whose furniture goes wonderfully with molas. Have I mentioned the word "addict" yet? :o)

And I continue to buy and sell collection-worthy molas and mola items. I hope that by visiting this site you will get a sense of just how happy this makes me :o)


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